Rescuing and re-homing equines since 1974


The aim of Hope Pastures is to be able to rescue horses and ponies in distress. Some of the animals will probably be with us all their lives, but others, who are fit and well, we hope to be able to re-home.

Apart from the expense, every fit and healthy horse we have in one of our stables means there is one fewer stable for someone who really needs it. If you think you could give a good, safe and caring home to one of our animals currently up for re-homing please let us know.

rehoming area

All potential homes must either be in Yorkshire, or within a 50 mile radius of Leeds. (click to see an enlarged photo)

How it works

Please remember, these horses go out on loan with you. Legally the animal will always belong to the sanctuary. If you have any questions, please contact

We do not re-home ponies to be kept singularly in paddocks unless this is specifically required for health or behavioural reasons. We believe that the Equines need for mutual grooming and play are vital to his/her health and wellbeing and will only rehome ponies to homes where at least one equine companion is available in the same paddock.

Ideally the equine will have companions of a similar size to minimise the risk of injury by a much larger horse to a smaller pony. For this reason, homes offered for or with miniature or standard Shetlands will be carefully considered and matched up only if safe to do so.

After rehoming, we will visit the Equine within 2-4 weeks to check they are settled, and then again after 12 weeks and then six months later. If the animal is happy and healthy and everything is going well on the first three phased visits, then we will visit the animal every 12 months thereafter, but always reserve the right to visit at short notice should concerns be raised for the animals welfare.

All ponies are vaccinated, passported, Microchipped and wormed to date. They come with rugs (if needed) headcollar etc.

Re-Homing fees vary from £100 (unbacked and in need of training) -£150 if partly backed.

See bottom of page for more details.

Re-Home Me...

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Re-home one of our residents...

  • Pearl

    3 Years old. Mare. Should make 12.3/13hh Project pony

    + Re-Home Me
  • Diamond

    3 Years old. Mare. Should make 12.3/13hh Project pony.

    + Re-Home Me

3 Years old. Mare. Should make 12.3/13hh Project pony

+ Re-Home Me

3 Years old. Mare. Should make 12.3/13hh Project pony.

+ Re-Home Me

For us to consider you as a potential loan home for one of our horses/ponies we ask that you can fulfil these requirements:

  • You must be over 18 years of age.
  • Have experience at loaning or owning an equine or being fully involved in the day to day care and commitment of this.
  • Experience at dealing with health problems promptly and correctly should the need arise.
  • Ability to insure the horse for vets fees and public liability insurance.
  • Preferably private land with shelter, clean fresh drinking water available at all times, stable/barn or suitable outbuilding available in case the pony needs to be enclosed at any time due to illness or vet visits etc.
  • Daily turnout on safe, well fenced land.
  • Company of other equines (donkey, pony or horse) always available except for short periods (ie when a horse is being ridden out.)
  • Regular vet checks, dental every 6 months for an elderly horse, every 12 months for horses under 14 years.
  • Regular hoof trimming /shoeing every 8-10 weeks at least.
  • Full dietary requirements met and forage (hay or grass) available at all times.
  • Calm, patient and kind handling at all times.
  • Loaners should also contact Hope Pastures immediately if the animals becomes ill or is involved in an accident or is stolen & if advice is needed on any matter.
  • Hope Pastures reserve the right to visit the animal without prior notice to check on his/her progress and well being.