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Pony Days

The next best thing to having your own pony.

On a Pony Day children learn how to care for ponies under expert supervision. The emphasis is on fun and on building confidence and skills. The day includes activities such as leading and grooming the ponies, feeding and mucking out, as well as quizzes, games and pony puzzles.

Pony Days

Our Pony Days started in 2006 and since this time over 600 children have attended and, as well as having lots of fun, have learned about the importance of animal welfare and how to care for animals. Pony Days take place on Thursdays during school holidays and run from 10am-3pm. Dates for Pony Days can be found in our Events Diary.

Parents are welcome to attend with their children, but we have found that most parents prefer drop their children off for the day, as this gives them a chance to make new friends, both 2 and 4 legged. Hope Pastures provides an opportunity for children to help care for the ponies in a friendly and safe environment in our little piece of countryside within the city. A Pony Day allows plenty of interaction with a pony one-on-one, a chance to learn about their character and really get to understand them. Pony Days are an ideal opportunity for children to learn to handle a pony, to lead them, groom them and even to muck out. The emphasis is on fun and on building confidence and skills. Our visitor centre provides a clean, warm and comfortable environment for Pony Day breaks and activities.

Hope Pastures hopes to provide an environment where young people can learn directly about caring for horses in a natural setting and help to educate them about animal welfare. It’s our belief that in doing this we will help nurture a generation that values the natural world around us and seeks to protect the environment and the animals with which we share this planet. 100% of the money raised on Pony Days contributes towards the upkeep of the horses and ponies.

A donation of £28 per place is required to secure a place. The Pony Day team are first aid qualified and have enhanced CRB checks. For more information please ask a member of staff on site or email: and request a booking form

See Events Diary for upcoming Pony Day events.

From: Margaret King

Date: 1 Nov 2016 9:59 pm

Subject: RE: Pony Day 27 October – Lauren with Hope

Lauren would like me to say how much she enjoys the Pony Days. Not only does it allow Lauren to gain experience in handling the horses, and caring for Donkeys , the educational  and social interaction it offers her  ensures she has a wide experience of working with other children outside a school environment, it teaches her to be respectful of both the others in the group and the animals, and above all she has fun and enjoys the event. The Team are kind and supportive and they make Lauren and all the children welcome. I am always very proud how gentle and kind Lauren is with the horses and how much she thinks of their welfare.

Thank you from Lauren to everyone that makes this day a wonderful enjoyable day.

From: Pauline Windsor

Date: 7 August 2016 at 18:48

Subject: Re: Pony Day 2 August 2016

Natalya had a fantastic day. She loved all the activities & loved telling us all about the horses & their stories. I am sure she will be back to do another Pony Day soon. Thank you very much.

Pauline Windsor with Natalya