Rescuing and re-homing equines since 1974

Our Team

We have a highly committed team of staff, trustees and over 100 dedicated volunteers, all of whom contribute to helping the animals, whether mucking out, running our visitor centre, helping with group visits, mending fences or supporting events and shows. Without them Hope Pastures couldn’t rescue and care for all the animals we do.

Our staff who look after Hope Pastures and its residents everyday


Our trustees who provide support and work hard as well!

Our truly wonderful volunteers

We have a team of over 100 dedicated volunteers - obviously, they don't all volunteer at the same time, but to make sure the sanctuary can run 365 days a year each member of this team volunteers as and when they can. Without them Hope Pastures couldn’t rescue and care for all the animals we do. It’s often difficult to get these highly altruistic people to ‘come forward and be recognised’ in a public forum such as this, but we hope to have a selection of their details and stories on this site soon.

In the meantime – what some of them say about volunteering at Hope Pastures:

I love coming to volunteer at Hope Pastures. I love it because the people are so friendly and approachable and I find being round the horses relaxes me. I love going and spending the day and getting to know some amazing animals its almost like having horse for the day.
Ellis Cook
I volunteer because I can’t imagine being anywhere else, although it’s not paid I view it as a part time job that I love. I couldn’t imagine working on a yard where there were no rescues and they weren’t saving horses lives.
Lauren Dennis 
I volunteer because it makes me feel good knowing that I am helping to improve a horses life.
Joel Ireland 
It’s a joy and a privilege to be around the horses, the other volunteers, the wonderfully skilled and committed staff and the caring visitors and supporters and to be able to contribute to the life and work of the sanctuary. Hope is compassion in action. Enough. I’m off to knit a horse… x
Lesley Raine
I am happy to come to Hope Pastures. I am relaxed when I am around the horses. I do mucking out and I do grooming.  I do the whole bunch really and I am glad I got the opportunity to have the experience. I really enjoy coming here. Thanks Hope Pastures for the opportunity. Staff are really useful as well.
Charli B MC