Pennies for Ponies Challenge – Feed a Pony for a Week

Join our Pennies for Ponies Challenge and help look after the horses, ponies and donkeys. It costs £12 a week to feed a pony and make sure he has a comfortable bed. You can help just by saving up your small change! Here’s what to do:

  1. Find an old jar and start collecting – we have some at the sanctuary if you’re visiting.
  2. Dig down the back of your sofa, in bags and old wallets and hunt out any spare change.
  3. Whenever you get any change, pop it in the jar – you’ll be amazed how it mounts up.
  4. Tell your friends, relatives, sports groups and school or work about your Challenge and how you can help them lose weight by ‘re-homing’ their annoying small change.

You’ll soon find you’ll fill up your jar!

For every £12 you raise, we’ll send you an e-Certificate to say that you fed a pony for a week. We’ll also put your name into a draw to win a Hope Pastures Experience for 2 and a free Pony Adoption (draw will be Dec 2017 for use in 2018). The more multiples of £12 you raise, the more weeks’ feed you’ll be covering and the more chances you’ll have to win.

One you’ve filled your jar and you’re ready to donate:

  • Make your donation online – just click here: DONATE PENNIES FOR PONIES make sure you put a note to say the donation is for the Pennies for Ponies Campaign and include the name you’d like to go on the Certificate (your full name or someone else’s).
  • Send us your donation by cheque (payable to Hope Pastures), or bring it into the sanctuary (Hope Pastures, Weetwood Lane, Leeds. LS16 5PH), with a note to say:
    • How much you have raised and that this money is for the Pennies for Ponies Campaign
    • The name you’d like to go on the Certificate (your full name or someone else’s)
    • Your telephone number (in case we can’t read your email address)
    • Your email address (please write clearly as we’ll send the Certificate to this address)