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Our New Rescue – A Joyful Eager Child
22 Feb
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Our New Rescue – A Joyful Eager Child

Meet our Most Recent Rescue

This poor young pony was cruelly abandoned in a field in North Yorkshire and left to fend for himself in feeezing cold conditions in the beginning of February.

He’s only a baby aged between 6-8 months old!

He is extremely underweight with a condition score of just 1 out of 5 and his hair really hides just how skeletal he really is – everyone who meets him is shocked and saddened at the horrific state he’s in.

He was discovered with a very thick layer of dried-on filth which shows that, wherever he has been kept before being dumped like a piece of rubbish, must have been a bleak and very disgusting place for any animal to live.

‘Fagan’ as he is named ( which means ‘Joyful’ in English and in Irish means ‘Eager Child’, which both describe him perfectly) has now been vet-checked and is full of energy, despite his ordeal.

Slowly we will gain his trust. We will give him a much needed clip and tidy up and his future will be full of love, care and appreciation for the gorgeous boy he is.

He’s still in isolation at the moment, so that we can limit the risk of disease transmission as much as possible, which means he’s not available to visit directly right now, but we hope he will be soon.

It’s only thanks to our absolutely dedicated and wonderful supporters, staff and volunteers that we were able to admit Fagan after nobody responded to the Abandonment Notice that was put on the gate of the field where he was so cruelly dumped.

We just absolutely dread to think of any other animals such as Fagan who are hidden in the dark, behind closed doors and in the most dire conditions. As the saying goes though, we can’t change the world for all animals but for each one we rescue the world changes for that animal.

It’s likely to cost us many hundreds of pounds to rehabilitate him over the next six months. Over his entire rehabilitation this could run into thousands, as it does with any ‘baby’ equine to whom we open our doors. Any donation to this little fella, no matter how small, will be gratefully received.

Welcome Fagan, from the dark into the light.

If you’d like to help Fagan, you can donate and your donation will be used to help rehabilitate and look after him. THANK YOU.