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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for March
30 Mar
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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for March

It’s officially Spring and in honour of this I’ve let Coco show us his best smile as the pic for this month’s Musings – don’t worry, my handsome visage will be back next month.

With the warmer weather, I’ve persuaded the humans to let my friends and me stay out in our field all day and all night now! How much grass??? Actually not that much, but I can see it growing as I muse and I’m doing my very best to fertilise it throughout the day. Gypsy and Freddie still spend the evenings in their stables, as they have their special food then (slightly worrying – I may have to investigate this), but for the rest of us this new routine means we’re each fed separately in the arena in the morning and then we’re given a groom as well. This certainly sets me up for the day. Well done humans.

The big horses are still in their stables at night, but if the grass does get a shift on and the weather is even warmer, then they’ll be able to stay out in their field next to us as well.

Horse News

The humans have started the mammoth task of gently removing poo from little Fagan’s hair, to see what’s beneath. Although this isn’t painful (in fact grooming is actually rather enjoyable) it’s a new and potentially scary thing for any equine, and especially for him, considering what he has been through. The humans have spent time building up his trust before starting, to make the experience is as stress-free as possible.

Freddie is sometimes spending time in the arena with Fagan, so he gets use to having a friend, and, I have to say, Fagan does seem to like him a lot and follows Freddie everywhere. Every other day the humans also let Fagan come in my field, so he also starts to learn about how to behave as part of a herd. I’m bossing him about to make sure he knows I’m more important than he is. This is very good education for youngtsers. Because Fagan hasn’t had his little boys’ operation yet, Gypsy and Hope go into a different field or their stables when he is in with us.

The humans from the Parkhill Vets herd came and stabbed Fagan again – I heard someone say they were checking his blood. It seems this is still ‘not right’, so our humans are giving him special medicine for a while. I’m pretty sure, if he’s like me, he does have blood, so I’m not certain what they mean – apparently he’s ‘weak’ but, if you ask me, he’s definitely perked up a lot since he’s been here, I can tell you.

Hope has had a trip out in the horsebox to have something called an X-ray on her head! She’s had problems with her nose and the humans were worried there was something wrong with her sinuses. Fortunately this isn’t the case and she’s now on some medicine to help her. She was very, very brave. I have to confess to having my eye on that rather snazzy rug – do you think it’s a bit girly for me (and would I need leg-extnsions?) I’m also not sure I can afford to leave you, my public, on a trip out in order to get it – I’m very aware of my responsibilities.

Freddie has also been out, this time on a visit. Normally this would be Cloud, so I’m keeping an eye on this new development. When he came back he was very excited about how many pats and strokes he’d had. He’s eve been suggesting I might enjoy going on visits….does he not undertsand how important I am here?!!!

I still haven’t met the horse family who were rescued at Christmas, but I do know they’ve been relocated to a safe and secure field and now have a shelter. Both the youngster, Oskar (AKA Piper), and the Dad, Darcy, have had their little boys ops  and all three have been stabbed by the Parkhill Vets herd. Darcy had to go away for his operation as he’s an adult and it can be more risky – his family were so pleased when he came back. The next news about the family should be when Maya (aka Belle), the mare, has her foal in the next few weeks……..I’ll keep you posted.

We’ve had good news from Merlin, who’s been in his forever home with Briana for about 6 months now. He came to Hope Pastures as a stallion and was at the sanctuary for two years while the humans made him better and he learned how to behave properly with other ponies once he was a gelding. With Briana and her family he’s been in-hand shows and learned to be ridden and to be led from his companion horse, another spotty called Barley – it looks like he’s having a great time.



Talking of updates, we’ve also heard from Easter, who came to Hope Pastures three years ago as a one day old foal, having been rescued from the side of a motorway – that’s a big road, even bigger than the one that goes past our sanctuary. He must have been very scared. The humans spent a lot of time caring for him, otherwise he would have died. He started to think he was human, so they looked for a foster mum or a foal friend, but he didn’t find anyone he liked here (unlike Fagan with Freddie), so, once he was strong enough he went to Bransby Horses to play, learn and grow up with another foal of a similar age whom Bransby had rescued. Well, Easter has also now found his forever home and he has gone to live there with his friend Flossie.

Sanctuary News

No herds of fillies and colts, nor of adult humans this month, but a new rescue has appeared in one of the old stables. He could be a donkey, since he doesn’t seem to move much when he’s scared – he’s just completely wooden. Currently in quarantine, the humans say they’re rehabilitating him before the herds of small humans arrive again.

This month we had a visit from the team from Bramham Horse Trials, who have selected Hope Pastures as their Official Charity for 2017. This is a big event, so I know about it (though I’ve never been) and it’s a fantastic opportunity for the humans to earn lots of pony nut tokens – they say they have lots of exciting ideas planned and they’ll be taking the knitted ponies with them. Obviously, they’d like to have me there as well, but I have my responsibilities here.

The sanctuary has actually been inundated with herds and herds of knitted ponies. They’re arriving daily and seem to be settling in very well – I like them as they don’t eat my grass. Apparently the humans need as many as they can find – there’s even an on-site breeding programme on Wednesdays, where the humans meet up and make more knitted ponies.

My final news is that on World Sleep Day this month I was selected as one of 15 animals in a ‘collection of cuteness’. The people who selected me said they “scoured the internet for the cutest napping animals, and came across your adorable pic. It was impossible to ignore – so we’ve included it in our supercute sleeping animals list.” As you’d expect – not only famous and handsome, but also cute!

April sees the Final of the UK Blog Awards down in London. I can’t wait! I will be taking my new muffler with me, even though I haven’t actually braved trying it on yet. I can’t wait to update you about this next month.

Love Muffin xx