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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for July
02 Aug
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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for July

So, how many herbs can I stuff in my mouth before my friends come?! Yum, thank you humans x

Horse News

Fagan, who was rescued in February, has come on really well – he looks like a different youngster now. He’s still long-legged, though, so he’s going to be a horse, not a pony (and definitely NOT a mule – we don’t need any more of these!) Little Ruben, who came arrived soon after Fagan, as another terrified baby and very thin underneath his woolly coat, has now been paired up with Fagan and they soon bonded. Fagan, being older and bigger (though bigger means NOTHING – trust me!!), has taken it upon himself to be the ‘boss,’ but Ruben doesn’t mind having a big brother figure.
They’ve both gone to a paddock off-site, where they have yummy fresh grass (I hope you, my public, realise my tummy’s sacrifice in staying here at the sanctuary for you!) The youngsters will return to us in the winter for their little boy’s operations and then, hooves crossed they can be re-homed.

We have another new rescue this month, Harry, a yearling colt. He has a very sad story – he was found abandoned, tied to a lamp post in Leeds and left to fend for himself. Thankfully, a Good Samaritan found him and took him to a local stables until they could find a rescue space and called my humans for help. Harry was very poorly when he came. He was extremely thin and couldn’t breathe very well. The stabbing humans came and took blood tests to check he is okay. He was very weak and has been on a special diet to help him gain strength. He’s perking up by the day (who wouldn’t with a special diet!!) and now whinnies at the humans. He’s in quarantine at the moment, so I haven’t actually neigh-ored with him yet, but I hope to soon as he’s starting to be turned out in the end paddock.

The sanctuary’s new baby, Logan, lives off-site with his Mum, Dad and older brother. My humans look after them, though, and they’re always telling me of the fun the he’s having with his family. He and his brother get on very well. I remember being young……….

Snoopy has very odd feet, so he has a special Equine Podiatrist, Danny, to look after his them. Snoopy’s not too keen on having his hooves messed with so we were proud of him when he let Danny trim them last week. My nose told me he was given a whole carrot afterwards – I will be talking to the humans about that later!

My friends Polly and Bella are searching for a very special foster home. They’ve been back here at Hope Pastures for several months now, as Polly had health issues and both ponies need their humans to keep an eye on their weight to make sure they don’t get laminitis. If you know of someone experienced with horses who could look after them, they’d love a new family.

Sanctuary News

A couple of weekends ago my friends and I moved fields to the other side of the walkway – I was rather put out, as the new field was quite weedy and I do love my grass (have I mentioned this before?), but the humans gave us extra hay, so my tummy was happy. Our move was to allow more herds of humans to bring the small (or not so small – one was bigger than Cloud!!) woofing beasts to play in my field again. This happens every year and is apparently a ‘Dog Show’. Whilst it’s a bother changing field (they even fill MY shelter with humans for something called Registration) we pones and donks enjoy the extra company and know this helps to raise money for us and more rescues. This time the Show raised over £5,300 of pony nut tokens – my tummy and I would like to thank to everyone for this.

Alfie-pony has taken to modelling! This month he had his picture taken with another Alfie, who had raised £180 of pony nut tokens by growing, repotting and selling plants, with his own theme of ‘Rescue Plants for Rescue Ponies’ – a great idea and many thanks to him for doing this for us.

The humans have also asked me to pass on thankyous to:

  • Support Adoption for Pets, who have given the sanctuary a grant for £7,500 to cover fees for the stabbing humans. The sanctuary spends a lot on the stabbing humans when new animals are rescued and also to make sure we all stay well, so this will be a great help
  • R&R Country, who raised £917 of pony nut tokens for me in their birthday raffle
  • Pets at Home, whose Spring campaign raised £1,059.70 in pony nut tokens – Sago is very pleased, as he helped with this.
  • St Chad’s Primary School who raised £381 from lots of different entrepreneurial activities
  • Rose Animal Welfare Trust, who have given the humans a grant of £10,000 to improve my field and create a standing area for my friends and me so we can be out there more in Winter
  • Vetsonic and Parnaby’s Saddlery, who have donated some fabulous, brand new, small-size turnout and stable rugs which are perfect for me and my smaller friends

Huge thankyous to you all, from the humans, my friends, my tummy and me!

I have a feeling that we’re just coming up to the time of year when all the herds of small humans visit me, so I must stop musing now and go and get ready for them. I’ll update you on this next month.

Love Muffin xxx