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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for January
07 Feb
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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for January

Late again – all down to the tapping human having something called a holiday. What’s that when it’s at stable? Celebrities can’t afford time out – what about my public!? Anyway, I have mused and, finally, the human has tapped, so here’s the latest update from the sanctuary.

Thank you for electing to carry on hearing about what’s going on at the sanctuary in my Monthly Musings – I’ve been very worried that my public would be lost to me because of some changes some far-away humans have made – I’d like you to to know you’re very important to me!

Horse News

After last month’s rush of very sad news, this month is a LOT happier. Not least because the humans have started to let my little friends and me spend some time in the big horses’ field (when they’re tucked up in their stables, obviously – over the fence is close enough for me to the biggies.) We have SUCH fun in there – lots of space to roll and gallop about and all the time knowing it’s not our grass we’re flattening. Thank you humans!

January was also very busy rescue-wise.

At the start of the month two new ponies arrived here in quarantine – a Shetland pony mare and her foal. The humans have named them Cookie and Oreo. It appears they had been roaming free on the outskirts of Leeds city centre for many weeks. Although they were difficult to catch, my humans are good at this and they managed to load the ponies into our large metal box and bring them back to the sanctuary.

When I saw the state of the mum’s hooves I was more than shocked. I have never seen anything like them – I had NO idea hooves could do that! I guess I’ll be more grateful next time one of the humans comes to tickle mine, since that seems to prevent feet from becoming very scary.

Both ponies are very wary of people – well, who can blame them, they must have been chased all over if they were loose. The mum can be quite friendly, but she’s very scared of people touching near her head, as though she has been harmed there in the past – she hasn’t spoken about this though. The foal is very curious and wants to be friends, but I’m not allowed near her yet (not least because I think she and her mum had their own small crawling friends, which I don’t wish to share.)

The human who tickles our feet has worked on the mum’s hooves now and they look much better, but I can see it will take a very long time till they’re anything like normal. Both ponies are now staying at a wonderful foster home, where they’ll stay until their feet are ready for them to find a forever home.

Another recent rescue is Delores (Dolly to her friends, like me.) She came to the sanctuary for about a month, having been found wandering round dark roads on her own, with no-one claiming to own her. She was extremely thin, with many complex health issues and her hooves were misshapen and long, though not as bad as Cookie’s. She’s a large donkey, with an equally large heart and we all grew to love her. She was so hairy I think she might have been part-Poitu (get me, knowing my donkey-types!)

Because of her specific health problems, the humans felt it would be best if she went to the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon, where there are donkey specialists on site all the time and they have the very best facilities for donkeys like her with complex needs, so she has recently travelled down there and has settled in well.

Would you believe the humans then went on to rescue another donkey! It never rains but it pours…..but you actually can’t have enough donkeys (or at least that’s what my donkey-half thinks.) This one’s called Lilac. The humans say she was being offered free to a good home on social media, whatever that is. In any event, being given away free is very scary for any equine, as you have no idea who will take you. Many people don’t know this, but donkeys are specialist animals, needing certain feeding and care (this makes me particularly tricky for the humans to feed, to be honest, and they haven’t quite cracked feeding half of me differently from the other half!) so it’s really important a donkey finds a knowledgeable home.

Whereas Dolly was huge, Lilac is tiny and very hairy, though quite a bit of her hair has fallen out at the moment. She has health and behavioural issues and the humans are currently figuring out the best treatment for these while she is in quarantine. I’m hoping she’ll be able to come out and get to know the rest of us, smaller, equines very soon.

As well as all the new rescues, we had Duchess come back to the sanctuary temporarily, while the humans found her a loving forever home, where she is now settled.

Fagan and Harry are also looking for their forever homes at the moment, along with a few of my other friends, so please don’t forget to contact us if you can offer a home and family to another pony, horse or donkey (no mules, I’m afraid – I’m the only one!)

The final piece of really good news is that Logan, who was so poorly last month, is now back wth his family. He’s getting much stronger and is well on the road to recovery.

No sanctuary news this month – it seems the humans don’t do much in January. Maybe  it’s all the wading in the mud they have to do. I seem to recall February is a short month, so my next update will be in just a couple of weeks. The humans better get rescuing a few more ponies for me to report on before then!

Love Muffin xx