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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for February
01 Mar
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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for February

Brrrr! Is it cold with you? The humans are muttering about the ‘Beast from the East’ – not sure if they’re actually talking about me?? Thank heavens for my super-thick pony coat – I’m so insulated that if I stand still the snow lies on me. I’m quite impressed with this. My donkey half is less pleased with the white stuff but it does mean my friends and I have had chance for a really good hurtle when the humans turned us out in our field.

Horse News

What can I say, we appear to have a very popular new rescue (don’t worry, I’ll be keeping an eye on him and making sure he knows his place alongside our mega-media star….aka ME!) Valentino (Tino) was rescued a couple of weeks ago. When the humans went to rescue him they found a collapsed, cold and very weak young pony, with eyes so badly infected that he was virtually blind. All sorts of human herds were involved – the RSPCA, the Police and the Fire Service – but he was so local to the sanctuary that the humans decided he should come to Hope Pastures because he wouldn’t have the strength for any longer a journey. Back here, one of the stabbing humans checked him over and took blood tests. He was in our quarantine stable, so I didn’t see him, but I know he had a severe infection in his eyes and really smelly stuff coming out of his nose.

Within a few hours here he started to pick up, as the humans took care of him, gave him medicine and good forage and feed. His blood test results gave my humans great hope, but his right eye didn’t respond as well as they’d like to treatment, so they took him to Rainbow Vets, one of our local ‘horsepitals’ to make sure he had the best veterinary care for this. At the horsepital it was decided his right eye was so bad it would be much better for him to have this removed, so they operated on it and the humans say he’s now healing brilliantly. Losing one eye is not a problem for him – there are many examples of equines with one eye doing amazing things. With treatment, the ulcer in his left eye has cleared and the horsepital humans say he’s feeling a lot better in himself and can come back to the sanctuary. The snow means my humans haven’t been able to collect him yet, but they will do very soon – I’m very excited to meet him and hear his story.

He already has many, many fans on ‘social media’ (whatever that is) and the humans say he’s had people from all over the world sending messages and donations to help him.  As the most important equine here (!) you might think I’d be concerned about this, but he’s been through so much (just a couple of hours from death), I’m actually just grateful to see how generous and kind people can be. Thank you x

New girl, Lilac, has started to be introduced to my herd. Coco and Banjo really like her, but she’s rather aloof right now and making them keep their distance. When I know she’s safe (you never can tell with donkeys – they can kick at odd angles!) I’ll introduce myself – she’s bound to want to be friends with me.

We’ve another new rescue this month, Lady – she’s also been in quarantine and is now being included as part of the big horses’ herd. Lady’s a Dales pony, whose owner sadly passed away, shortly followed by her partner, Duke, leaving Lady lonely and depressed with a very bleak future. When she arrived she was in a very poor state, but she is healing, the feet-tickling human has tickled her hooves and her skin and coat are much shinier. Her eyes are also much brighter – I suspect this is due to happiness at no longer being lonely (we equines like to be with herd friends).  The humans and I are secretly hoping that Henry might pair up with her, so that he again has a companion, after losing his dear Maggie.

Sanctuary News

A little more human activity this month – nice to see them getting back into the swing of things after a quiet January.

The herds of fillies and colts came for a couple of days recently, meeting us and even brushing some of my friends – it’s always nice to see the younsters and my friends and I are looking forward to seeing more of them as the weather improves.

Last weekend a massive herd of humans arrived for our ‘Tack Sale’. I let our normal humans lay out all sorts of goodies in my yard and the visitors came and took them away. The yard looked much neater afterwards and the visitors all looked very happy. Win-win I’d say. It appears this Sale raised over £2,700 in pony nut tokens – brilliant news as we head into this cold snap, as my tummy knows we’ll need a LOT of feed and hay. Huge thanks from all my friends and me to everyone who organised the Sale, volunteered, donated, visited and bought goodies.

Enough for now – the tapping human’s hooves are cold, apparently. Time for me to go and worry about finding the green stuff in this snow.

Love Muffin xx