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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for August
30 Aug
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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for August

Well, what a month for weather! Torrential rain (thankfully I have a shelter) and now gorgeous sunshine. LS16 has turned positively tropical. The donks and I have been enjoying lazing around in the warmth and are making the most of the growing green stuff. The humans (also called uprights, according to one of my friends) have, however, been getting very wet!

Horse News

We have regular updates here from the horse family – little Logan is a real character. Not only has he helpfully been removing fly masks for his family, he’s recently taken to washing Miriam’s car for her!! Big brother, Piper, likes to check he’s doing it correctly.  They really are some of the most industrious equines – they would be very useful here to get some of our jobs done.

Latest rescue, Harry, has been out of quarantine for a couple of weeks now. He’s put on some weight and become stronger, so the humans have moved him to live with Fagan and Ruben for the time being, as they have a lot of grass in their field and he needs this to build up more strength. They seem to be getting on well – Harry has taken charge, which is not surprising when you see what a joker Ruben is! The new buddies are all sharing (and caring!), though.

Cherish and Emma have come back from their loan homes because they have both contracted something very painful, called laminitis.  Ponies, horses and donkeys (and even mules) can get this if the grass they eat is too rich for them (I’m not letting the humans know it’s possible for mules to contract this, though – I LIKE rich grass). Cherish is actually Hope’s daughter, so her mum was very pleased to see her. Both Emma and Cherish are now much better and are being turned out in the arena next to my field.

Kizzie was poorly for a few days, with a high temperature and very lethargic. The humans checked on her around the clock since yesterday and monitored her closely and she is now back to full health.

The flies are a bother for us equines in summer and some of my friends wear fly masks to keep the small buzzing beasties out of their ears and eyes. Even normal fly masks look ridiculous (I’m so glad I have hairy ears!) but the humans gave Pearl a completely ludicrous one. Not surprisingly she managed to remove it when they had gone – I wonder if she asked Logan to pop over and help.

The humans have moved some of my friends around into different fields temporarily, to help with some of their health issues. The big horses are now in the field opposite mine. I can’t sniff with them in there, but I do get to see them a lot more.

Sago has been out and about a lot this month. He appears to have a desire to become very well-read, visiting both Moortown and Normanton libraries in one week!  He’s even been to ‘The Plough’. Now, I thought this was an historical trip – back to the days when my ancestors helped their humans cultivate the fields. Apparently not – this is actually a popular human place called a pub. Sago was very secretive about what he’d done there, but I’ve seen some of his pictures and it appears the humans there gave him (carrot) ice cream! I’m pretending not to be jealous, but if he carries on like this, I’ll have something to say about it. On the plus side, the Plough humans raised over £1,600 of pony nut tokens on the day, so I can’t complain too much.

Sanctuary News

We’ve had lots of different human herds at the sanctuary this month.

Each week herds of fillies and colts have visited us, all of whom like to brush and look after my friends and me (actually, my friends, as I don’t really ‘do’ the brushing with strangers bit.)

Herds of adult humans have also come to help make my sanctuary safe and look beautiful – painting, fencing and repairing – and to buy lots of horsey goodies which my humans put out for them (in MY yard, would you believe – good job I don’t need my stable right now!)

It’s been a very busy month with all these humans and I’m quite exhausted with the responsibility of being a major attraction.

There’s starting to be a chill in the air at night now (and I can feel my winter coat itching to grow), so I’m sensing we’re heading towards the end of summer. The sun’s still making an effort, though, and my grass is still growing, so I must get back to keeping it neat. Love Muffin xx