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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for February
01 Mar
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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for February

1st March?!! What happened to the rest of February? There’s barely been time for me to put my hooves up after my January Musings – I may have to make a call to Mule Line, due to my excessive workload. I have to confess to having been caught on the backhoof here (28 days!?), but don’t worry, my Musings will provide you with their usual thoughtful and erudite report on what’s been going on.

Two things to spot about my pic this month. 1. It’s muddy at the sanctuary right now……I really can’t wait for the grass to start growing again. The humans try hard with extra hay and feed, but I’m starting to dream about nuzzling luscious green shoots…………..

2. Recognising my extremely special status, the humans have made me my own ‘muffler’ – complete with a carrot fringe, would you believe!  The humans are so clever sometimes – not one of my pony friends (and not even the really bright donkeys) has ever made me anything like that. I wasn’t sure about it to start with, so I used Freddie as ‘Official Taster’ (he needed get ANY ideas about having this role for any other new items, such as grass or feed, though.) I have to say, he looked very smart in it – Cloud was obviously jealous. I’ve made sure the humans have folded it neatly and put it away safely, as I think it will be a wonderful addition to my outfit for the UK Blog Award presenation. More of this in later Musings…

Horse Update

I haven’t met them yet, as they live off-site in their own field (with grass, I hear!!) but I know the Horse Family would to thank you to everyone who donated to help them – you covered all the costs for their rescue last month, with the final ‘piece of the jigsaw’ (a shelter) put up a couple of weeks ago by a team of very handy volunteers (many of whom help out here at the sanctuary as well).

The latest newcomer to the sanctuary is a youngster called Fagan, who’s only 6-8 months old. He was abandoned in a field in North Yorkshire and left to fend for himself in feeezing cold conditions at the beginning of February. He ‘s very thin, so I’m not complaining about him eating lots of my food – he needs it.

He’s also disgustingly dirty, with a thick layer of dried-on filth. He’s in what the humans call ‘quarantine’ at the moment, which means I can’t speak to him or be close to him, but once he’s allowed out, the humans will give him a much needed clip and clean him up and he’ll have the chance to get to know me! He has truly landed on his hooves now, after such a bad start in life. I have heard that lots of humans have sent pony nut tokens for him – thank you, we’re all very grateful.


Cloud has been out and about again – this time to Farsley Farmers Market, where he made a lot of new human friends, as well as meeting some of the famous knitted ponies. I’m glad to see he kept the latter as far away from his yummy grass as possible. Looking at that, I might consider going out on visits myself if it means some extra green-stuff. Under NO circumstance, however, would you catch me wearing that black thing!

Sanctuary Update

The herds of human colts and fillies returned again this month and lots of my friends spent time with them, being brushed and generally pampered. My responsibilities to you, my public, mean I don’t have time to take part in this, but I know my friends enjoy it very much. We all love to see the sanctuary busy, but also like a good lie down and a few licks of (my) salt tick to relax at the end of day.

The humans put the big white flappy things up in my yard again and they were there for a whole 3 DAYS! You have no idea how scary they are. I was extremely brave and walked through them to get to my stable (and FOOD) every day. Apparently this was for something called a Tack Sale. I have no idea what that is, but thank heavens the humans didn’t leave all that lot in my yard when I went to bed! Coco and I stayed out of the way in our field – we had a lot of important hay-eating to do.

On the plus side, the humans say the day raised £2,000 of pony nut-tokens (happy tummy.)

Other kind people raising funds for pony nuts this month include the Pets at Home teams and customers at Kirkstall and Meanwood (who raised almost £1,800) and Harrogate Waitrose customers who voted for us to receive another £200.

A BIG thank you from my tummy to all of you as well.

Lisa from R&R Country came for a day with us here, helping the humans. She did all the usual yard tasks and spent time with Hannah Weston, from Connection Training, and India, from our yard team, training Rafael. I think she enjoyed herself as she’s written her own blog about the day. I have noted this and am keeping an eye out in case she fancies usurping my role from me!

Well, March heralds the start of Spring (according to the humans) and it can’t come too soon. Much as I love rolling in it, a mule cannot live by mud alone and I’m looking forward to seeing spiky little blades of grass poking out of the earth in the VERY near future. Till next month,

Love Muffin xx