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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for April
26 Apr
  • By Emma EQ-ID
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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for April

Well it has to be said that this is a first – this month’s Musings are being sent to you via a tablet (thankfully not one the humans have to force me to take). This is because the tapping human, who helps me pen my inspirational thoughts (obviously, hooves are a bother for this)  is apparently ‘on holiday’ (has she no shame? She should try being me – there’s no holiday when you’re an adored public figure!!) The human has said this means fewer pics and only brief updates, so forgive me for this rather erudite version.

Horse News

  • Fagan and Cloud have become best friends and little Fagan is pretending to be a Big Boy by copying what Cloud does.
  • Domino went to his forever home yesterday, which is such good news for him and for my grass. It’s a great home where he will be trained to be a children’s ridden pony as well as a driving pony, so he’ll have a good CV for the future.
  • Humbug is back and, rather worryingly, starting to boss me and my friends around! She is greedier and more food-obsessed than I am! I may have to up my food needs a notch!!
  • All my friends are now in our summer routine, so we’re all out at night, with lots of grooming and pampering at breakfast.
  • Rodney, Fergus, Bernie, Joey and Sago are all now really good friends and are having a right ball in their field over the road.
  • Maggie’s been quite stiff recently, as her arthritis in her hocks has flared up. The humans have purchased some Devils Claw supplement, to add to her daily Tumeric paste and Bute and she has daily hock massages and regular cold hose treatment. The humans certainly work hard to make us all as comfortable as possible.
  • Coco & Banjo are having an equine podiatrist treatment this week, so will be getting the full treatment on their hooves.Donkeys are designed for hot countries, so their hooves suffer a lot in the English climate. How lucky am I that I’m half pony!
  • The lovely India has been working with Flint and Rafael, training them to pick up their hooves. They are becoming so much better that the humans have booked for them to see a farrier as well.
  • Milo, Lenny and Jerri came back to the sanctuary for a holiday and to have their hooves trimmed, teeth rasped and a full MOT before going to their summer grazing.
  • Off-site, one of the kind people who fosters ponies for us now has six of my friends staying with her and we have around 20 young ponies in urgent need of homes now. If anyone reading this can offer a home, please get in touch with the humans

Sanctuary News

  • The biggest piece of non-horse news is, of course, that I was invited to attend the UK Blog Awards Final because of the public vote for these Musings. I was just organising a mane trim, when I discovered two birthday girls were bringing all their friends to meet me at the sanctuary the same weekend. Anyone who reads these Musings knows how seriously I take my public role. Enter Mini-Muffin, knitted by Lesley…….the perfect Hope Pastures’ solution to double-booking – a knitted Mini-Me. I organised a human to escort Mini-Muffin to London and I even lent her my special muffler to match Mini-Muffin’s. I’m confident they were the smartest pair at the Awards, despite the human refusing to wear a streak of white on her bottom. Mini-Muffin had a very exciting day travelling to the Big City for the UK Blog Awards presentation evening. He was overwhelmed by how busy it is in the metropolis AND at the Awards. Although I didn’t win, I was pleased to learn that I was one of the Top 8 in my category, out of 2,000 entries! THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me.
  • We’ve had a couple of herds of large humans visiting this month and they’ve started re-painting our fences and stables. I’m keeping an eye out for any who are ‘special’ and talented enough to be allowed to make my abode beautiful. Watch this space….
  • We have also had the herds of fillies and colts coming to see us this month. I’ve missed them over Winter and was glad the weather was good when they came, so they could enjoy time outside, with my friends and me.

Well, tapping human says that’s enough for this ‘tablet update’. Don’t worry – I’ll be writing a full Musing again next month. All the humans are getting excited about the forthcoming Spring Fayre on 7th May – I hope to see you there! Love Muffin xx
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