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First Unicorn Foal in the UK
01 Apr
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First Unicorn Foal in the UK

We’re so excited to announce the birth of the very first unicorn in the UK here, at Hope Pastures. Our experienced team have been on a round-the-clock vigil for a week now, as his mother was clearly very close to delivering, and little Urwin was finally born early this morning.

The birth was more difficult than normal equines, due to the need to ensure the horn was extricated carefully and didn’t damage the mare. Fortunately, unicorn horns are relatively soft at birth and harden with exposure to the air, so, with great care, the team worked with the mare to perfect the positioning of the foal during the birth and make sure both mum and baby were okay.

Once Urwin was delivered, the team checked his breathing and vital signs to satisfy themselves he was okay. He responded to their touch within a couple of seconds, had a suckle reflex within five minutes and his heart rate was normal. He could stand within an hour and started to nurse within two hours.

As a unicorn’s horn hardens it becomes more difficult to suckle from the mare, so, unlike ponies, unicorns start to eat grass from about five hours after birth – lush, green spring grass is perfect for a unicorn, so our little foal has picked an ideal time to come into this world.

Well done to Urwin, his mum and our team; and special thanks to our vet for his support – never has the old wives’ saying “make sure you pick a vet with long, strong arms” been more applicable. Welcome little Urwin.

We’d LOVE this to be true!!! We hope you you’ve enjoyed dreaming with us – Happy April 1st.

Photo credit and thanks for the idea to R&R Country – very generous supporters of Hope Pastures.